Sandwich bulkhead thinned down

Regarding the latest design, Richard asks, “can the edges be modified to fit with the space shown in the attached sketch?”

richards question
(original PDF: MBH CSD interface detail)

Short answer: no. I reduced the thicknesses as low as I could go and still get reasonable factors of safety. It is thinner, but it’s still not half an inch thick at the edge.

three hole laminate
(as a PDF: three hole laminate)

Further, the retainer ring will have to be machined after a couple complete sandwiches have been made, to find out how thick the final part is including adhesive.

There’s also the question of how it’s sealed into the midbulkhead. I didn’t add an o-ring gland. I expect silicone would work, as long as the parts are kept at a relatively constant temperature.

I remain not a fan of this overall approach.


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