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2013 Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition Recon

Paul Breed asked me to check out a couple things about the course for the 2013 Sparkfun AVC, so I went to check it out.

Here’s the ground course video:

The course generally slopes upward from the start line to the third corner, then slopes back down to the fourth corner.

There’s also a gallery of photos on Flickr. Here are a few of them:

Location of potholes on the ground course.

Puddle depth action shot
Pothole depth.

Crack in the straight after turn one, there's a series of them
Size of the largest cracks. These will probably close up somewhat as it gets warmer.

Looking at the trees from the dock
Size of the trees over the aerial path. They’re forty or fifty feet tall.

I hope this helps any potential entrants.